Read first

Our products are fragile. They can be easily broken.
Our advise are 

  • Do not apply them to the excess temperature(irons, hair dryer n etc)
  • Do not try to bend them
  • Do not throw them harshly
  • Do not sit and step on them
  • Do not give them to children below 3 years old
  • Do not cut them into pieces
  • Do not try to stick them back by using any kinds of glue,if broken
  • Do handle them with care
  • Do keep them in a box or container to avoid broken
  • Do wear them properly
  • Do let us know,if u received a broken hama bead,we are very please to teach you how to fix it for the first time.

Poorly, we do not received and entertain any complaint if you are intend to force us to replace the broken/damage hama bead/pixel.